Friday, September 24, 2004


Expos Moving To D.C.?

According to two baseball officials, Bud Selig will likely announce that the Montreal Expos will move to Washington D.C. next year with the approval of funds. Selig said that this move might be a temporary solution but Washington is already looking to build a new ballpark. The likely owner of the team would be the Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos. The highest ranked official told The Associated Press that the deal would be finalized around a week so they could move them next year. The proposed making of a new ballpark might be built around the area of Dulles International Airport, about 60 miles from Camden Yards. This total project will cost more than $450 million dollars.

Dude - your facts are a little off. Yes, the Expos are supposed to move to Washington (possibly only temporarily), but under no circumstances would one person own two teams in the same league. If anything, Angelos is complaining about the possible move.

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